Spring 2018

Everything really takes off when Spring arrives.

This photo was taken by our lovely friend Elena Green who is an incredibly talented visual artist and excellent photographer. Elena has created this website for me and many of the images are photos she has taken of us and our food unless otherwise credited. You can find her here: www.elenaegreen.com.au

The bees are working over the Echium along the verandah of the house. River, Elena and Syd’s young son, was fascinated by them when he visited recently. Some of the bees have come over from our neighbour Sally and Yarran’s hives so we might get to try the honey at some stage. Sally looks after Front of House at Caterina and also looks after a lot in the office, she has a styling business and is doing lovely things on that score.

Everything in the garden has been raised from seed in the Glasshouse and planted out with love and care. We are still picking Rhubarb for the compote and Rocket for the deluxe Bacon and Egg Rolls we serve at breakfast. Most all herbs we are using in the kitchen for weddings are coming out of the garden at the moment.

Asparagus is in abundance and is making it’s way to work for the Bean and Asparagus Salad. Such a beautiful flavour this season. We are also picking Shallots, Carrots, Beetroot, Kohlrabi and Parsnips for home and the Caterina Kitchen.

We have taken the first lot of Tomato seedlings out of the Glasshouse and planted them into well prepared beds for summer cropping. We will plant another lot out in two weeks or so.

In another of the large beds we also planted out Squash, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Corn and Sunflowers

The Blueberry bed had a top dressing of worm castings from one of our large scale worm farms. We do these in old cast iron baths on the forest edge. We have four going at once and the output is like chocolate love for the garden. In the same bed is all of the Thyme, some of the Parsley, Sage and Marjoram. Every plant seems to have a real lift.

We have finally received some great rainfall. It has fallen steadily and really soaked in. All tanks are full and life is pretty jolly good.